Creating your dream

Do you have a block of land and a bold dream to build a new house?

Building a new house and owning your own home is part of the great Australian dream. It’s about creating your dream from the ground up, choosing a floor plan that exactly suits your family and lifestyle, and finally choosing the colours and finishes that make your new house, YOURS.

If you have this dream and want to know how easy it is to make it reality.

Getting started

  1. Budget – How much can you afford to spend on a new house? How much are you comfortable spending on a new house?     Do you have your finance sorted?
  2. Land – How deep and wide is your block? Will the house you like fit on your land? What would be the best house orientation on your land?
  3. House – What do you need and want in your new house? How many bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and car spaces do you need? What will you need in five or ten years from now?
  4. Style – How do you want your house to look and feel?

Once you have answered these basic questions, browsed our website, and shortlisted houses that meet your requirements, CALL US, it is time to meet our sales consultant face to face.

The process

Be inspired

One of the best things about building a new house is exploring the Australian dream and seeing it start to take form. Use the South Gippsland Homes website to select your favourite houses, facades and styles that inspire you. We are happy to guide you through this process, obligation free.

Make your decision

Our consultant will visit your block and discuss the possibilities. We provide you with a sighting of your chosen house on your land. After a detailed discussion on exactly what you want in your new house, we will provide you with a quote that is valid for 30 days. We will also ensure compliance with government and environmental regulations, permits and insurances required.

When you are ready, this is the time when we ask for you to pay a small deposit.

Once your deposit is paid we will do a soil test and site survey to assess the site specific costs to build your new house. Your quote and site costs will form the basis of your tender documentation and preliminary drawings.

Choose your style and finishes

Now it is up to you to make your home fit your personality with our professional interior designer. She will spend as much time with you as required to ensure that it looks and feels exactly the way you envisioned. These decisions include colours, finishes and all interior design choices.

Contract signing

By contract signing stage you will have done all the ‘hard work’ and your contract is the formalisation of all your decisions so far. Along with a standard HIA (Housing Industry Association) contract you will receive the working drawings for your new house. Giving South Gippsland Homes the go ahead now means we start preparing for construction including any applications for permits and approvals.

You will also be given our construction time line template so that you know what happens when and can follow along with the process.

Start construction

It is now time for your house to be built! Behind the scenes all the necessary materials will be ordered to meet your guaranteed start date. The first major milestone in the building of your house will be the pouring of the slab, followed by frame, lockup (including brickwork, roofing, and windows), fix (including plaster, kitchen and bathroom fit outs) and then practical completion where the finishing touches are put on your house. Along the way independent building inspections are completed with a certificate provided to you at handover.

(This whole process takes approximately 4 months, however, you will be given more exact times frames once your selections have been made and the contract signed).

Moving into your house

And now for the most exciting part! This is where your big bold dreams really come to life and you make your new house your home. It is yours to live in and enjoy.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, our supervisor will provide you with a detailed handover manual that tells you about how to care for your new home including the appliances and fixtures.


In addition to a final inspection at handover, a seven year structural warranty, South Gippsland Homes offer a three month New Home Inspection to give you further peace of mind. So if you find any small issues with your new home when you first move in, you can relax knowing that these will be attended to as part of the New Home Inspection. This is a standard offering with South Gippsland Homes.